Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Steps...

Coming into today I knew I had a few areas I needed to work on. I'm still struggling quite a bit over the mountain section of the course. I thought it would be the easiest to learn because you can see through most of the turns, but I guess I was wrong. The problem is that it's so fast that all the little kinks in the road that mean nothing while driving it in a car, become turns you have to set up for when you're flat out on a bike. I still lack the confidence to hold it flat out in lot's of places that I need to. I'm also not carrying near enough speed into any of the turns over the mountain section.

Scott and I did a lap with Milky early in the day so we could all check out the sections we're struggling in, and after that Critter jumped in the car and we 3 newcomers did a lap on our own. I think that all helped a bit, but it's hard to learn anything when you're not at speed on a bike. I went out side by side with my teammate Craig Atkinson (AKA) for practice thinking that would help... I wasn't really able to latch on like I had hoped. It must have helped some because my first lap out was my fastest.I was able to get a 111 mph average speed lap, and it was from a standing start. We are getting there, it's just taking a bit longer than I had hoped. Hopefully we will continue in the right direction for tomorrow and we can maybe get to the 115 mph mark. 

I guess we'll find out soon...  

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