Monday, June 15, 2009

JimmyV is home

Just wanted everyone to know that a jet-lagged yet extremely happy Jimmy V returned home safely yesterday as of 3:10pm EST. I'm sure we'll take a moment and reflect on what has been accomplished here in the future but for now we'll just be happy to have Jimmy back in one piece.

The usual suspects from Ashburn gathered yesterday for a welcome home dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse yet no one thought to take a picture of the affair. You'd think it would have been a no brainer, especially with 5 iPhones and one Blackberry present.

At some point I will put together a long post thanking people who helped me make the trip possible for Jimmy along with a total of all the donations we received a long the way. I'm sure Jimmy will put something up here as well for friends, family, and fans. I also think a proper welcome home BBQ is in order but that will have to wait for now. Virginia International Raceway is calling and we're accepting the charges. :-)

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