Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Superstock TT Is In The Books

I competed in the 4 lap Superstock race yesterday, and it went a bit better than the 6 lap Superbike race on monday. It started out well, with my opening lap being my fastest lap yet at 114.2 mph. From there I just wanted to take things easy and bring it home in one piece, and we did just that. My average race speed including pit stops was 110 mph, which is not too bad for a newcomer. I came across a few crashes while I was out there. There was a newcomer from Japan competing this year, and he had been doing pretty well up until this race. I came across his bike laying in the road right after the "black hut" turn. The bike was pretty beat up, but fortunately the rider was ok. I think he ended up with a few broken bones, but no major injuries. 

I do want to make sure that I'm very clear when I say "These people are flippin CRAZY!!!!". That goes for the majority of the people competing in this event, as well as spectating. Here's an example... My teammate, Craig Atkinson, ran into a slight problem 4 laps into the 6 lap Superbike race... His front tire went flat. Not completely flat, but less than 10 psi flat. He finished the last 2 laps (75.5 miles) on a FLAT TIRE!!!!!!! He said he knew there was a problem when he had to keep the bike from crashing in the slow corners by putting his foot down, but it seemed ok through the fast corners. Now what I really want to know is, if the bike barely makes it through the slow corners, what makes you think it's going to be ok to take through the fast corners? Hence the saying, "these people are flippin CRAZY!!!". 

So I have one race left, and it's 6 laps long (226 miles). I have been thinking about it for a few days now,  and I don't feel that I have enough in me to safely do 6 laps at a competitive pace. There's a pretty good chance that I'm going to sit out this last race, just simply for the fact that I don't want to make a half ass effort, and I've reached my goals for this year. I've accomplished what I came here to do, which is to proper qualify, and get some finishing medals. I'm pretty happy with things at the moment, and am looking forward to achieving more next year.

So, it looks like my racing is about done for the week, but I still have a few days on the island. I'll continue to update this blog till I get back to the US. 



  1. I am so glad that you aren't Flippin Crazy and are making the decision not to race. I imagine you will enjoy the rest of the race/Isle a bit more when you don't have to ride! Cindy

  2. What a wise decision. You are an amazing rider and should be soo proud of yourself for finishing such an intense course. I have become obsessed with checking your blogs and the iom website to really get a feel for what your going thru. "WOW" is my reaction every time!! Enjoy your last few days on the island and take lots of pictures for us. Love you Jimmy

  3. Jimmy,
    You accomplished what you set out to do...Keep your prioities straight.
    We love you and can' wait to see you soon. Make the most of the experience and don't forget to bring home some t-shirts

    Love you so much

  4. So basically Craig is your European counterpart? "No seriously it was fine, it just wiggled a little in the turns." says Jimmy after riding a Bridgstone 002 rear to the cords at Road Atlanta.

    Like I told you via text (and as said above by your mom), you've met your goals for the trip. You've got your finisher's medal, I can't imagine that there are too many of those in the US, and you're still in one piece, ready to wage war on the Endurance series again.

    We're a long way from you pushing me down the hallway of the Hampton Inn in Anniston in a wheelchair while I'm all doped up after a crash. It's been a lot of fun watching you get here and it's going to be even more fun seeing where you go.