Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not The Best Start to The Week...

So I had a tiny tip over yesterday... It happens. 

After my not so great day on Monday, Shaun Harris ( A 2 time TT winner) came over and started looking at the bike. He asked me to sit on it, and at that point he started taking measurements on the amount of suspension travel. After about 30 seconds he looks at me and said the bike is all wrong. He said he would work with Garry to get the bike set up properly. Well They definitely made some changes. Shaun's settings were night and day better. The bike felt great compared to where we were Monday. It felt so good in fact, that I was able to stay on the gas all the way through the kink at the end of Sulby straight. I shut off just before my braking markers, but the bike was a bit too unstable to get right on the brakes. When the bike finally settled down enough for me to get on the brakes I was way past my braking marker. I thought I could still make the turn if I ran super wide, but history proves that I was wrong. I was about 1 foot from the bales on the outside of Sulby Bridge, and the front end just tucked out in the dust. I was only going about 5mph at the time, but at that point it was day over for me. The rule is, once the handlebar touches the ground it's an "official" crash and you are no longer allowed to continue riding that day. In the end, the bike is fine, I'm fine, and I feel like we've got a good shot at really getting up to speed in the next day or two. ...And hopefully we can get there without puking anymore, because that just sucks.


  1. Just so you know, your trap speed at Sulby was over 20mph faster then the previous day. Put your head down son. It's time to go to work.

  2. Glad to here your alright, I saw you didn't have a time for yesterday.. And was wondering what was up with that...

  3. Jimmy,
    Michael said to tell you to suck on lemonhead sour hard candies. He said that would take the nausea away. We are all following you here in Louisville and keeping you in our hearts and minds
    Love Mom