Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TT Superstock and some Discovery Channel stuff

Jimmy completed the 4 lap TT Superstock event yesterday and finished 51st. Unfortunately I have no other details as I haven't talked to him or anyone else who is visiting the Isle. I just happened to catch the event on the TT Live Timing site and know that both he and Critter finished the race.

Now some TV stuff for the US visitors. According to Critter's post on the WERA forum, Discovery HD will be airing segments on the 2009 TT starting in July. Much of the footage was shot in HD and should be spectacular. There will be special on-board stuff along with segments dedicated to the American riders.

Here's a schedule but be sure to check your local listings.
7/6/2009 TT Preview
7/13/200 Superbike race
7/20/2009 Sidecar race 1
7/27/2009 Superstock race 1
8/3/2009 600 race 1
8/10/2009 600 race 2
8/17/2009 Side car 28/24/2009 senior TT
8/31/2009 2009 Highlights


  1. Stillie, what other races is he entered in?

  2. Mary,

    I think Senior TT is all he has left I'm not 100% on that. If so the race will be on Friday at 1pm, Isle time.


  3. Stillie,
    it looks like he is racing today in the supersport TT. He is listed as a competitor on TT Live. The show him on a 2005 600cc Honda. Not sure that I am reading it correctly. Thanks for the info on discovery channel

  4. Odd, I see that too. Maybe it's just his previous entry for a bike that never came to be. He told me this morning via text that the TT Senior is all he's got left.

    No problem on the Discovery Channel info. You can thank C.R. for posting that up on the WERA board. Hopefully I can get that on othe DVR. :-D